Enabling Greater Digital Access to Healthcare.

AgileIS specializes in the development and deployment of applications that provide digital access to healthcare-related services.


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We want to empower people with smart tools, data, and digital services that help navigate the world of health and safety.

  • The use of data to influence change and improve healthcare.
  • Strategies based on research to develop smart tools that improve processes and procedures.
  • Insights and influence through integral partnerships and our AIMS Methodology.


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Our team consists of like-minded individuals who are all passionate about digital health care solutions. We’ve all come together in an agile way to bring excellence, experience, and quality to the products we make.


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AgileIS is continuously researching new digital health solutions that can help support the growing need for tools, resources, and eLearning modules that streamline, support, and increase effective health care.

Our passion for innovative solutions that can impact the lives of many keep us curious and continuously exploring new ways to help grow this space and provide solutions as new challenges arise.

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What are others saying about us?

“Unlike a broken arm or sprained ankle, concussions are invisible. As a coach, it’s a challenging decision to take a player out of the game but having access to the tools I need, when and where I need them, make it easier to ensure I am doing the right thing, at the right time.”

Marc Savard

Windsor Spitfires

“There’s never been anything that connects the dots - and that’s something that CAPT does. It connects everyone in the circle of care, and it’s the missing link that connects all the key stakeholders so that the recovery process for each athlete is as accurate as possible.”

Dr. Karolina Urban

Etobicoke Dolphins Girls Hockey League

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